Directions from Route 495

From Route 495 in the Andover area, take 495 South toward Worcester.
From the Worcester area, take 495 North toward Lawrence.
Take exit 32 for Boston Road/Rte 225.
From 495S, take a left off the ramp or from 495N take a right off the ramp.
Go under 495 to the traffic light. (1 minute) This is the intersection of Boston Road and Rte 110. You want to be in the middle lane to go straight across at the light. Once you cross the intersection, you will be on Carlisle Road.
Proceed along Carlisle Road about 2 miles until you get to the stop sign.
(3 or 4 minutes)
Take a left at the stop sign. This is Rte. 225.
Proceed along Rte. 225, going straight through the lights at the intersection of Rte. 27. (3 or 4 minutes)
Continue along Rte 225 (about 5 minutes) until you come to a stop sign.
Begin to go straight ahead at the stop sign. Ahead of you you will see a hill going off to the right - this is School Street. Do not go around the little rotary - stay to the right of it and take the right to go up School Street.
As you go up School Street you’ll see (right away) a white church on the left, at the corner of Church street. Take a left onto Church Street, then your first (almost immediate) right into the school’s parking lot.
Park your car in this lot, then proceed up the stairs, cross the bus plaza and go up the next set of stairs. The Spalding Building entrance is ahead of you. Go to the Main Office, which is the first down the walkway, to sign in.