Summer Reading 2019

Required CPS Middle School Summer Reading:

Sixth Grade Summer Reading Assignment

Seventh Grade Summer Reading Assignment 

Eighth Grade Summer Reading Assignment


CPS Suggested Summer Reading Lists 2019:

Thank you for supporting your child throughout the year by encouraging reading at home.  In school, students have accessed their classroom libraries and learned to select books appropriate for them and of interest to them.  We want students to continue to take ownership of their reading lives by choosing a variety of books to enjoy.  Summer reading is crucial to maintaining students’ literacy skills, maintaining reading stamina, and fostering a love of reading. We encourage you to provide as many reading opportunities and hope you find the lists helpful.

Grades K-2 Summer Reading List

Grades K-2 Graphic Novel List

Grades 3-5 Summer Reading List

Grades 3-5 Graphic Novel List

Grades 6-8 Summer Reading List

Grades 6-8 Graphic Novel List