MICCA and Lunch Dates

Posted by James O'Shea on 4/4/2017

MICCA Performance

On Sunday, April 2, the Carlisle Middle School Symphonic Band and Concert Band participated in the MICCA Festival at Lexington High School. It was exciting to see over 90 of our musicians participating in this adjudicated festival. It was also great to see the number of family and friends who turned out to support our musicians. I am proud to say that the Symphonic Band earned a Bronze Medal and the Concert Band earned a Silver Medal. Thank you to all of the parent volunteers who helped to make this experience possible, and a special thank you to Kevin Maier for the dedication, expertise, and patience which he brings to his work. Bravo!


Symphonic Band

Lunch Dates


This past Friday I had the opportunity to enjoy a ‘lunch date’ with quite a few of our third grade friends. Many of you may know what I am speaking about when I refer to a ‘lunch date’, but if you are not familiar with the term, let me fill you in, as initially I was a little vague on the subject myself. When I first came to Carlisle, I took the opportunity to mingle and meet students in the Dining Room during lunch, as this is always a good time to meet and connect with students, but it didn’t take long before some of my new acquaintances were asking to set up lunch dates, which at the time, I thought was precocious and cute. I soon learned that this ‘lunch date’ concept was a long-standing custom, and yet another example of how special our school community is. I eventually learned that students have lunch dates on a regular basis, sometimes in small groups, sometimes with larger groups, and always with some member of the faculty who takes the time to ensure that those positive connections made in years gone by stay in tact from one year to the next. It is amazing to see students returning to classrooms they were in sometimes 1, 2 or 3 years earlier to have lunch and spend time with a former teacher and a current friend.


Lunch Dates are a wonderful representation of the strong positive relationships our school community fosters among all its members, and they are also a fun and engaging way to stay centered and focused on what is most important in our daily work.


Final Four Winner


Congratulations to Elizabeth W. on winning our first Final Four Tournament Challenge.  Elizabeth successfully predicted 3 out of the 4 Final Four teams (North Caroline, South Carolina, and Gonzaga), which was pretty impressive.  Elizabeth also had North Carolina winning the National Championship.  Great job by all of our students who "started the college search early" by participating in the challenge.


Culture, Space, and Time(travel)

Images from 8th Grade Artists

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