Inaugural post: Shrek, Salad Bar, and State assessments

Posted by James O'Shea on 3/23/2017

Spring is here!

One of the wonderful aspects of living in New England is that we have the opportunity to experience all four seasons, and while spring may only be three days long, we do enjoy the feeling of renewal, which comes from the season. In line with the concept of starting something new, I thought it would be a perfect time to start communicating with our Carlisle School Community using this blog format. I hope to use this medium as another way to share many of the amazing things, which are taking place within our district, from engaging classroom activities to major theatrical performances, from community events to professional programs, there is much happening, which we want to share. I hope this inaugural post finds you well and that you come to access this blog as another way to stay informed and in tune with our district.




Congratulations to the cast and crew of “Shrek” on an amazing production. The performances of our young actors and the work of the stage and technical crew were impressive, and along with amazing costumes, scenery, makeup and hair, it made for quite a professional production. Thank you to all of the parent and community volunteers who made this wonderful experience possible for our students.


Shrek Cast




Coming Soon to a Dining Room Near You

We are excited to announce a number of changes to our Dining Room lunch menu. Starting on Tuesday, March 28, we will be offering an extensive salad bar as one of the lunch options in the Dining Room.

Salad Bar

You may have noticed, if you read the monthly menu, that Sue Robichaud, our Food Service Director, has been making a number of changes to the menu including adding new dishes and highlighting some of those items she has traditionally been making from scratch. The salad bar will be a significant and much anticipated addition, and we hope that students and staff will support the endeavor. As I said, the new salad bar will be extensive and shall include a variety of options such as lettuce, spinach, cucumber, tomato, onion, peppers, pepperoncini, turkey, cheese, tuna salad, hard-boiled eggs, potato salad, pasta salad, and croutons.   Sue is also open to other potential items to include, so feel free to share any ideas you may have. Of course there will also be a selection of dressings, which will include a gluten free option. The salad bar price will remain the same as other lunch options for students, but we are projecting lunch prices to increase for the 2017-2018 school year, as we work to bring fresh, healthy, and delicious lunch options to our students and staff. Thank you to Sue Robichaud for making this healthy and delicious addition possible.



Massachusetts State Assessments

Carlisle families should have recently received a letter from me previewing the upcoming MCAS Assessments scheduled for April and May. While these assessments may draw criticism for a number of reasons, they do serve a purpose in improving education and outcomes for students across our commonwealth. That being said, I am pleased that the sheer number of assessment sessions is down for this year compared with last year under PARCC. Early plans for PARCC implementation originally called for additional testing at both the mid-point and the end of the year, so I am pleased that we, as a state, have chosen not to pursue that policy, which would have been excessive.  The MCAS schedule for April and May is posted on our website.