3rd Grade CityX Inventions

Posted by Maya Bery on 3/21/2017

Over the course of six weeks, third grade students worked on the CityX project, an interdisciplinary collaboration between the library, art, and engineering. Students were challenged to pick a problem faced by a resident of CityX, an imaginary planet settled by humans. They then had to come up with an original idea, sketch their invention, turn it into a clay model, and finally, use Tinkercad to create a 3D model. Their inventions were then printed by Mrs. Lamere and Mrs. McCann using the new 3D printers in the Engineering Room. We wrapped up with a parent showcase, but students are also working with Ms. Bery to record themselves talking about their inventions. 


 Mrs. Niemierko's Class CityX Projects 

Mrs. Grady's Class CityX Projects

Mrs. King's Class CityX Projects


Mrs. Morris' Class CityX Projects