4th Grade Flex

  • Bonjour! Nihao! ¡Buenos Días!

    The 4th grade FLEX (=Foreign Language EXploratory) Program provides an INTRODUCTION to the foreign languages offered in the Carlisle Middle School. The Spanish program expands on what students have learned in the Elementary School. The French and Chinese program provide an introduction of the language and culture.

    Students take one language per term and classes meet once a week.

    Here are some of the topics we cover in all 3 languages:


    • 1. Greetings 

    • 2. Alphabet and characters

    • 3. Numbers to 31

    • 4. Days, months and the date

    • 5. Cognates and dictionary skills

    • 6.Classroom objects

    • 7.Basic Geography

    • 8.Some culture