Buzz Information & Current Year Issues

  • Items for the Buzz should be emailed to Nancy Anderson and are subject to administrative approval.

    All requests, including “attachments” must be provided electronically in Word or PDF format.

    The Buzz will be published at the beginning of each month.

    Please Note: The Buzz is an electronic publication and will be posted to the school’s web page at on the publication date. Users who are subscribed to our Buzz list serve will be notified when a new Buzz is available.  If you subscribe to the Buzz email list, you will be notified about Buzz issues this year. Kindergarten and other new families have been added to the list. If you do not receive Buzz emails, to add your email address to the Buzz notification list or to make changes in your email address for the Buzz, please visit the following web address:

    Questions? – Contact Nancy Anderson at 978-369-4102 or email


Buzz Calendar for 2016 - 2017