• Early Morning Band Rehearsals Begin Tuesday 10/27

    Posted by Kevin Maier on 10/22/2015 12:00:00 PM

    Next Tuesday 10/27 Early morning band rehearsals begin in the 4th grade.   These rehearsals take place before the regular school day from 8:00-8:45.  Students are able to take the Middle School Bus to attend this rehearsal.  To take the bus students should stand at a pre-existing Middle School Bus stop.  The bus routes can be found at the following link:


    If stud nets are getting dropped off please drop them off between 7:45-8:00 so that they have plenty of time to set up their instruments to start the band rehearsal promptly at 8:00.

    At our first band rehearsal students will be playing Hot Cross Buns and Au Claire de la Lune together.  We may try to play through some of Jingle Bells, as well.  The biggest goal of our first rehearsal is to learn what it is like to play with all of the other instruments and to get comfortable performing on the stage.  

    This week in lessons the students also received sheet music that they should bring to the first band rehearsal next Tuesday.

    Looking forward to our first rehearsal next Tuesday morning.


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  • 4th Grade Lessons Week 3

    Posted by Kevin Maier on 10/9/2015 8:00:00 AM

    This week students used the school Ipads to explore SmartMusic and familiarize themselves with how to use it.   By the end of each lesson, students were able to play Hot Cross Buns with the recording and got feedback from the program as to how many notes they played correctly and if they played the notes at the correct time.  Some students moved on to learning a new song with this program.  The songs that were learned included Au Claire De La Lune and Jingle Bells.  It was very exciting to see the students use this program independently and practice with it.  

    For this weeks practice, students should begin to "submit takes" to me for the song Hot Cross Buns and possibly Au Claire De La Lune.  

    Students can only submit takes if they have an account through SmartMusic and have signed up for my class,  If you have not done so I will outline the steps below to gain access to my classes.

    1)  Purchase a Subscription to SmartMusic which will include creating an account

    2)  Sign in to your account and look for the Assignments Tab at the very bottom of the page and click on it

    3)  Once here look to the upper right for a button entitled Enroll in a Class and click it

    4)  Sign in with your account information one more time and you should gain access to a new screen to hit Next

    5)  Type in Carlisle and the school will pop up and a list of all of my available classes will also pop up

    6)  Click Enroll in your son/daughter's respective class 1 (Percussion should sign up for Snare Drum 1 and Bell 1)

    7)  Return to SmartMusic and click on Assignments again (Scroll up and this will refresh the page and you are all set)

    Next week Monday and Tuesday students will not have lessons and should continue to practice using the program SmartMusic at home.   These students can begin to learn the songs Au Claire De La Lune and Jingle Bells.  


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  • 4th Grade Lessons Week 2

    Posted by Kevin Maier on 10/2/2015 8:00:00 AM

    This week students continued to work on "Hot Cross Buns" in lessons.  We focused on creating the best possible sound on their instruments for every note.  When students had challenges playing portions of the song we separated the sound from their fingerings. They fingered the notes first.  Then they played the notes separately.  Finally the students retried the entire song. Students should try to get into this practice at home as it is a good strategy with any song that they are trying to learn.  

    During this week the students were exposed to SmartMusic.  I demonstrated how to use it with the first assignment on the Ipad. I also shared with them a tip that they can click on any note and it will immediately show them the correct fingering.

    For next week it's important that students have an account setup so that they can begin to work on the assignments I have created.  They should also sign up for the class I have created for each lesson group entitled (Instrument 1, i.e. Clarinet 1 or Trumpet 1). Please have your son/daughter come in to next week's lesson with their username and password.   

    The link to the site is below:


    Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!



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  • 4th Grade Lessons Week 1

    Posted by Kevin Maier on 9/25/2015 10:30:00 AM

    Week 1 has been very exciting for the 4th graders in band.  Students learned how to safely assemble their instruments and created their first sounds.  We went over how to begin to learn "Hot Cross Buns," and is sure to be a favorite at home over the weekend.  If you are able to record your son/daughter perform for you this week it's always fun to compare how they sound later in the year and at the end of the year.

    In each of the classes, I talked about how each one of the students will become better at their instrument over the year, but it will be at different speeds.  There will be times that frustration creeps into their thoughts, but I stressed it's important to always think about growing on their instrument.   Students can expect to see a little bit of growth on a daily basis, but the big growth will come with time.  

    Next week, we will be starting with the program SmartMusic in school.  If you haven't had a chance to purchase s subscription yet you can do so at the following address:


    For those utilizing this program at home on a desktop you will need to purchase the microphone that goes along with it, but tablet users will not.

    I am excited for a great year in the 4th grade band!  Have a great weekend!


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