• Bus Routes

    Hello Parents and Guardians,

    Here are the 2019-2020 Bus Stops.  Please note that we provide an approximate start time of the routes.  It takes the drivers a few days to learn their routes, and the stop times can vary, so it’s best if you estimate the time at which the bus will be at your home and be sure your student is waiting at the stop.  We cannot provide an exact time that the bus will be at the stop, so please be patient, especially during the first couple of weeks of school.  We thank you for your understanding.


    The bus drivers are as follows:

    Bus 1 – Sharon Deprey

    Bus 2 – Amy Signorello

    Bus 3 – Mark Venuti

    Bus 4 – Jessica Bolarinho (started January 2020)

    Bus 5 – John Taylor

    Bus 6 – Ralph Sharaga


    We wish your students a wonderful school year.


    Elementary Bus Stops 2019-2020 (Revised 9-30-19)

    Middle School Bus 1 Bus 2 and Bus 3 Stops 2019-2020

    Middle School Bus 4 Bus 5 and Bus 6 Stops 2019-2020

    Procedure for Middle Schoolers Riding the Elementary Bus in the Afternoon