• Students and parents,

    We are pleased to recommend an on-line course that students should participate in this summer instead of the traditional ALEKS program they have used in the past. We believe that this course will increase students’ understanding of how math can work for them and how they can work with math. There are 6 sessions that last between 10 and 20 minutes. They present exciting information about how the brain learns math and some of the best ways to approach math.


    Just go to: youcubed.org

    Click on courses and scroll to the free on-line course;

                     How to Learn Math”.


    Students should write down the work they do and turn it in along with their Certificate of Completion to their math teacher in September.



    The Middle School Math Department

    Mrs. Denaro, Mr. Gale, Mr. Naroff, Mrs. Perry, Ms. Spiegel