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  • 8th Grade Memo 11/14

    Posted by Marcella Pixley on 11/14/2018

    Dear Eighth Grade Parents,


    We are heading closer to the holidays, and eighth grade curriculum is in full swing!


    Eggsellent Zipliners: In science class, we are in the midst of our eight-day "Egg Zipline" engineering project where students are grouped in teams and assigned the challenge of designing, testing, and re-designing a carrier that brings an egg down a zipline so that it can exit safely into a basket just beyond the stopping point. It has been such a pleasure to watch them navigate how to work cooperatively to craft and test egg zipline carriers that meet all five  successive engineering goals. It is also amazing to see how many different solutions using identical resources have been created to solve the same problem. On launch day this Friday, we look forward celebrating this ingenuity and learning which designs are durable and flexible enough to work with a raw egg. Truly, everyone is a winner by virtue of the persistence and cooperation that they have already demonstrated throughout this process. Please ask your child to tell you about their "eggsperience... "Tell me about the five different awards you can earn. What has been the most challenging or rewarding aspect? Where have you been applying the scientific principles you have learned about force and motion?  Do you think engineering is a career that might interest you?"


    Mathletes: We are so proud of all students who participated in the Eighth Grade American Math Contest on November 13th. Each student worked extremely hard and approached the competition with postive energy and focus.


    Portfolio Conferences: Please check your email to make sure that you have completed the google survey indicating whether or not you would like your child to participate in portfolio conferences for Language Arts and Social Studies. If you did not receive the survey, or if you have questions about the portfolio process, please email Mr. Kilmartin at  or Mrs. Pixley at


    Parent / Teacher Conferences: We will be holding whole-team  parent / teacher conferences on December 11th and December 12th. The team will reach out to you to schedule a conference if we have particular concerns about academics or social / emotional growth. If you have not heard from us, and are interested in meeting with us for a conference, please feel free to request a conference by sending an email to Dr. Marsh at as soon as possible.


    Term One Ending Soon: Please know that the week after Thanksgiving Break is the last week of term one so your child may experience a heightened sense of academic demand upon returning to school. For instance, there is a Science test on Wednesday and Thursday, and a Math test for Alpha and Beta on Thursday. You might want to check in with your child during the break and gently remind them of these upcoming events to help with their transition when they return to school after the long weekend, or to remind them of goals they have such spreading studying out over sevral days in advance of a test.


    Mindfulness and Stress Management: Some eighth graders, especially those with demanding  after-school schedules may be experiencing stress at the end of the term. In advisory, we have been talking about different techniques for managing stress including unhooking from technology and beginning each day with five minutes of calm and quiet. As always, please let us know if your child is feeling overwhelmed so we can help support them.


    As we head into Thanksgiving, please know how thankful we are to be working with your fabulous children. They are constantly surprising us with their kindness, their wisdom, and their sunny senses of humor. They make every day a treat, and we are grateful to have the chance to accompany them on their journey this year.




    The Eighth Grade Team

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