• Summer Reading 2020

    Summer is almost here! We hope that you make it a time to relax, read, and enjoy with family and friends.

    Reading is a bit like a sport, and it involves practice and skill. Skill-building occurs when children read for pleasure when children read “just right” books, which are not too hard and not too easy. Children should explore books about those topics that interest them. We hope that you find the booklists helpful, and have fun discovering new experiences.

    Suggested Readings:

    Rising First Graders

    Rising Second Graders

    Rising Third Graders

    Rising Fourth Graders

    Rising Fifth Graders

    Middle Schoolers

    Grade Range Reading Lists

    K-2 Book List

    3-5 Book List

    6-8 Book List




    Summer offers children lots of opportunities to discover new interests, new books, and the pure pleasure of reading just for fun. In partnership with Reading Rockets, Start with a Book, provides 24 kid-friendly topics matched with great books, activities, and writing ideas, plus tips on reading aloud and building fluency. You'll also find lots of STEM resources!