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    I am Kristy Monahan, the ELL teacher, at Carlisle Public School. I have been the ELL teacher at the Carlisle School for nine years. Prior to teaching at Carlisle, I was an ELL teacher in the Newton Public Schools and an adjunct professor at Harvard University teaching international students and ambassadors. I can speak English and Spanish and have studied Chinese at Beijing University and Indonesian at Permias Boston at Northeastern University. You can contact me at: kmonahan@carlisle.k12.ma.us    

    Our English Learner Program offers English instruction to students who have been identified as ELL students. Students are placed in their grade level classrooms and are taught English as needed throughout their day, depending on their English Proficiency Level. The English Learner teacher may meet with the student in a separate classroom on English instruction, and/or work in the student's classroom to assist them with daily classwork. We are fortunate to have a growing bilingual population in Carlisle and look forward to supporting you and your student.

    Husky Home Day Assignments

    For Kindergarten- Kindergarten Husky Work 

    For Grade 1- Grade 1 Husky Work

    For Grades 2 and 3- Grades 2/3 Husky Work


    For Grades K-2 literacy and math games - www.starfall.com

    For listening to stories at home - www.storyline-online.net

    For information on raising your child bilingual - www.colorincolorado/raising-bilingual-kids

    For information on ACCESS test for ELL students - https://wida.wisc.edu/sites/default/files/resource/ACCESS-Parent-Handout-English.pdf

    Google Translate - https://translate.google.com/

    Dictionary - http://www.learnersdictionary.com/