Physical Education Schedule:

  • Kindergarten:

    Ms. Weston:  Wednesday and Thursday - Mrs. Carmel

    Mrs. Severy:  Tuesday and Friday - Mr. Hunt

    Mrs. Graham: Thursday and Friday - Mrs. Heigl

    First Grade:

    Mrs. Gerade: Monday and Wednesday - Mr. Hunt

    Mrs. Hunt: Monday and Thursday - Mr. Hunt

    Mrs. Grady : Wednesday and Friday - Mrs. Carmel

    Second Grade:

    Mrs. Vanaria: Tuesday and Wednesday - Mrs. Carmel

    Mrs. Caron: Monday and Wednesday - Mrs. Heigl

    Mrs. Gilchirst: Monday and Wednesday - Mrs Carmel

    Mrs. Katz: Tuesday and Wednesday - Mrs. Heigl

    Third Grade:

    Mrs. Cox: Monday and Thursday  - Mr. Hunt

    Mrs. Morris: Tuesday and Friday - Mr. Hunt

    Mrs. Niemierko: Monday and Thursday - Mrs. Carmel

    Fourth Grade:

    Mr. Deforest: Thursday and Friday - Mrs. Carmel

    Ms. McCabe: Wednesday  and Thursday - Mr. Hunt

    Mrs. King: Thursday and Friday - Mr. Hunt

Physical Education Announcements

  • 9/4 - 28

    K -2 : Movement Exploration and Ball Skills      

    3 & 4 : Students will be engaged in a soccer unit. 

    5th: Students will learn how to play Ultimate Frisbee

    Student should be prepared for class by wearing sneakers and comfortable clothing.

     PE classes will be outside on Spalding Field through October.






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  • September 10 - 28

     6-8: Students will be participating in an Ultimate Frisbee unit 

    Students are required to change into athletic, comfortable clothing and sneakers.


     PE classes will be outside on Spalding Field until October.

    There will be a quiz in this unit.  A study guide is on this site for student convenience.





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