Snow Day Information

  • If school is cancelled or delayed, a telephone message will be sent to students' homes using the One Call automatic notification system. The following radio and TV stations and websites will also have the information:

    WBZ 1030 AM/Channel 4 --
    WHDH Channel 7 --
    WCVB Channel 5 --
    WFXT Fox 25 --

    You may register on the websites above to be notified by email or voicemail if the station receives a cancellation or delay for the Carlisle Public Schools. In the case of an early release, we will use the emergency numbers in the One Call system to inform emergency contacts that children will be sent home early.

    Delayed opening time:

    1 hour -- Middle School starts at 8:50; Elementary starts at 9:45
    90 minutes -- Middle School starts at 9:20; Elementary starts at 10:15
    2 hours -- Middle School starts at 9:50; Elementary starts at 10:45 

    Pre-School Note: In the case of a delayed opening, Pre-School will always be cancelled.