June 2022
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     Jim From the Superintendent's Desk  

    Dear Carlisle Families, 

    June has arrived and we are in the midst of year end school activities to close out the 2021-2022 school year.  Students at all grade levels are enjoying being outside and participating in the fun and games.  There have been, and continue to be, many special performances, classroom presentations, plays, and field trips.  

    Welcome back to our 6th grade students who enjoyed a trip to Nature’s Classroom last week.  We had perfect weather yesterday and today for elementary middle school field days.  We wish our 8th grade class a successful trip to Washington D.C. this week where they will not only see amazing museums and memorials in our nation’s capital, but also have a shared experience that will help them solidify their fond memories of their years together in the Carlisle Public Schools. 

    Carlisle Race Amity Day Celebration and Potluck Picnic is scheduled for Sunday, June 12th from 2:00-5:00 PM.  Everyone in the school community, including families, teachers, and staff, is warmly invited to celebrate Race Amity Day with a potluck picnic. Enjoy the multicultural celebration, live music, poetry reading, and activities for kids, including performances and presentations by the CPS Drama Club, Cross-Cultural Club, Students for Understanding and Belonging Club, Early Act Rotary Club, and more. Join neighbors of all races and backgrounds to celebrate and reflect on racial, religious, and ethnic diversity in our community. This event is organized by the Carlisle Race Amity Day Committee and CPS DEICAC. 

    On Wednesday, June 15th the PTO is hosting Cones on the Castle.  Come for a scoop from the Chillwagon and say goodbye to friends and classmates before vacation officially starts. (Don't forget to check the lost and found - it will be your last chance before everything left behind is laundered and donated.)  Following Cones on the Castle, will be the Wish for Change Mural Creation Event at  4:00 PM.  This art mural project is a joint PTO, CPS, and CPS DEI Community Advisory Council activity. Community artist, Nadya Cuervas, will help facilitate the Wish for Change mural that will be hung in the school.  The CPS community is invited to come out and participate in sharing their hopes through an expressive community art project. 

    Another highlight of this month will be the 8th Grade Graduation, which will take place on Friday, June 17th at 6:30 PM.  We are all looking forward to what is always a lovely ceremony marking this important benchmark in the lives of our students and their families.

    As the 2021-2022 school year comes to a close, I want to thank all of our families for their continued support of and engagement with our schools.  We are fortunate to have an amazing school system with a dedicated faculty and staff, but we would not be able to achieve the success we do without the ongoing involvement and support of our Carlisle families and the entire Carlisle Community.

    Enjoy the remaining weeks of June and have a safe and joyful summer!


    Warm regards,

    Jim O’Shea



  • School Events and Information

    School Calendar

    Click here to view and download the 2021-2022 calendar.

    Click here to view and download the approved 2022-2023 calendar.

    Please click below to see the June LUNCH MENU:

    June Lunch Menu

    Recess Monitor Open Position

    Carlisle Public Schools is seeking a recess monitor to assist with supervision of students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 during outdoor recess. The position is for school days, Monday through Friday, from 10:40 AM to 12:40 PM.  For additional information or to apply please click here for the posting

    Recess Equipment Needed
    Spring Cleaning? Why not donate your extra sports equipment to the school? We are in need of the following recess supplies:
    • Jump ropes
    • Footballs
    • Soccer balls
    • Basketballs
    • Soccer cones and discs
    • Playground/bouncy balls
    • Tennis balls
    • Chalk
    • Hula hoops
    • Frisbees

    Donations may be placed in the large bins at the entrance to the school. Thank you! Questions? Contact Amy Smack: asmack@carlisle.k12.ma.us



    Calling all future kindergartners in Carlisle! Do you have a child who is eligible for kindergarten in 2022? All children who will be 5 years old by September 1st are encouraged to register for kindergarten at the Carlisle Public Schools. Please contact Amy Smack, Registrar, at 978-369-6550 or asmack@carlisle.k12.ma.us. Please include: student’s full name, date of birth, home address, parent/guardian name(s), phone number(s), and email address(es). If your child is eligible for kindergarten but you are making different plans, please let us know. Thank you!


    Please make sure you have back up plans that your child is aware of, should after school activities suddenly be cancelled. During cancellations or emergencies, the Main Office phones are usually busy and not available to call home or relay messages. Please go over with your child ahead of time what they should do in case their activity is cancelled. 


    Carlisle Public Schools, is dedicated to meeting the needs of all students. In accordance with IDEA and Massachusetts Chapter 71B, all public schools must provide special education for children determined to be educationally disabled.  The law requires a school district to identify such children from age 3 to 21 years of age and applies to all children, including those in non-public schools, pre-schools, and hospital settings.  In addition, children of migrant or homeless families are also entitled to public education.  The Carlisle Public Schools is responsible for students from age 3 throughout their 8th grade year.

    Parents or service providers with concerns that a child might have an educationally disabling condition are encouraged to contact Student Support Services.  Carlisle Public Schools will provide parent support and arrange for the screening and evaluation of any student who is not able to progress effectively in general education due to a disability.

    For more detailed information about the policies, procedures, and services available at Carlisle Public Schools for special education, please contact Lori Bruce, Director of Student Support Services, at lbruce@carlisle.k12.ma.us  or (978)369–3758.

    Are you without a home or do you know a homeless family?


    Carlisle Public Schools is committed to ensuring that any student who meets the criteria of a homeless student is protected under the rights set forth by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act.  This federal law is designed to ensure that homeless children and youth have the same access as other children to public education, including public preschool programs. To obtain a brochure or the Homeless Education Manual, or if you have any questions about the McKinney-Vento Act, please contact Lori Bruce, Director of Student Support Services, at lbruce@carlisle.k12.ma.us or (978)369-3758.




    There are quite a few events this week and next. Please add them to your calendar! These are all wonderful ways to celebrate the end of the year; don't miss out! All the details are a www.carlislemapto.org

    Tuesday, June 7th: PTO Annual Meeting at Clark Farm Market – 9:00 AM. Our last meeting of the year is really a party. Come for the caffeine and stay for the company!

    Friday, June 10th: The Extreme Science Assembly!/Be sure to ask your kids about what they saw today! Thank you to Chlesea Mascari for doing the research and legwork to bring this wonderful program to CPS!

    Wednesday, June 15th: Cones on the Castle – 3:00 PM. We all scream for the end of the year celebration! Come for a scoop from the Chillwagon and say goodbye to friends and classmates before vacation officially starts. (Don't forget to check the lost and found - it will be your last chance before everything left behind is laundered and donated.) The dismissal routine does not change for this day. All elementary school children must be released to an adult before they can go to the Plaza. If your child usually takes the bus and you would like to attend this event, please be sure to send in a note that they will be a pick up on this day. 

    Wednesday, June 15th: Wish for Change Mural Creation Event – 4:00 PM. This art mural project is a joint PTO, CPS, and CPS DEI Community Advisory Council activity. We've invited a community artist, Nadya Cuervas, to help us facilitate the Wish for Change mural that we will be able to hang in the school.

    Wish for Change uses the dandelion, as a symbol of:

    • Visibility- Many walk by the dandelion and ignore it.
    • Hope- as it carries its seeds to unknown destinations, migrating to a new location hopeful to give what it carries within.
    • Change: the flower promotes change, as it transforms from a flower into the puff of seeds where its knowledge and healing are stored in a mission to reach all.
    • Health: Dandelions contain medicinal use and it is edible.
    • Magic: Known around the world as a symbol for wishes carried by the wind.

    We invite community members to come out and participate in sharing their hopes through an expressive community art project.

    Don't forget to order your SCHOOL SUPPLY KITS and SPIRIT SHIRTS for next year. Links can be found at www.carlislemapto.org.


    Carlisle Race Amity Day Celebration and Potluck Picnic - Sunday, June 12th, 2:00-5:00 PM

    Everyone in the school community, including families, teachers and staff, is warmly invited to celebrate Race Amity Day on Sunday, June 12th from 2:00 to 5:00 PM with a potluck picnic. Enjoy multicultural celebration, live music, poetry reading, and activities for kids, including performances and presentations by the CPS Drama Club, Cross-Cultural Club, Students for Understanding and Belonging Club, Early Act Rotary Club, and more.

    Join neighbors of all races and backgrounds to celebrate and reflect on racial, religious, and ethnic diversity in our community. Bring picnic blankets, chairs and a delicious dish of your culture. This is a non-political, family-friendly event.  All are welcome. Organized by the Carlisle Race Amity Day Committee and CPS DEICAC.

    Back to school shopping for next year right now ... Are you kidding me?

    Let me remind you of the chaos that comes with last minute back to school shopping in the summer. Why not shop on-line with 1stDaySchoolSupplies.com AND support the PTO versus in-line at Wal-Mart, Target or Staples? In just a few clicks you will get the exact supplies your teacher requested without the risk and aggravation that comes with shopping last minute at big box retailers.  Please consider also donating a kit.

    Deadline is July 1, 2022.  Please contact Sharon Whitt, Coordinator, with any questions at CarlislePTOSupplyKits@gmail.com.

    Other Items of Interest

    Gleason Public Library
     Gleason ckh logo       

    For all registrations, please visit gleasonlibrary.org/events.  For more information about any of these events, email childrens@gleasonlibrary.org with any questions.

    Holiday closures: The Library will be closed Monday, June 20 for Juneteenth.

    For everyone:

    SUMMER READING 2022: READ BEYOND THE BEATEN PATH - Saturday, June 18-Saturday, August 27
    Summer reading is here again! The Gleason Public Library will be offering summer reading challenges for all ages this summer. We will have Book Bingos for kids and adults, and digital Beanstack challenges for grades 1-12. All challenges will begin on Saturday, June 18.

    Summer Reading Kick-Off: Ice Pop Party - Saturday, June 18, 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
    Stop by the Library Lawn to grab your summer reading Bingo sheet and enjoy a Fla-Vor-Ice freeze pop! All ages are welcome.

    New New Orleans Band Concert - Thursday, June 23, 2:00 PM
    The Carlisle Council on Aging presents this intergenerational jazz music program with the New New Orleans Jazz Band on the Library's front lawn. No registration required. All are welcome.

    Elementary or younger:

    Take & Make Craft: Butterfly Feeder Kit - Friday, June 10, 10:00AM
    Here’s another easy step you can take to help our pollinators thrive—put out Butterfly Feeders at home! This butterfly feeder is designed to look like a flower, yet each part of the feeder plays an important role in attracting butterflies. When you're done making your craft, place it in your garden or near a window so that you can enjoy watching the butterflies as they land and eat from your butterfly feeder. Register to reserve a kit and pick it up any time between Friday, June 10 at 10:00 AM and Monday, June 13 at 9:00 PM. This craft is for ages 4 and up with help from an adult.

    Stuffed Animal Pajama Story Time & Sleepover - Tuesday, June 21, 7:00 PM
    Bring your stuffed animal for a special pajama story time at the library! Wear your pajamas, listen to bedtime stories, and make a craft. Afterward, kiss your stuffie goodnight and leave them for their library sleepover. Return to pick them up the next afternoon and watch a slide show of the antics they got up to overnight! Registration required.

    Rolie Polie Guacamole Family Concert - Friday, July 1, 6:00 PM
    Join us on the Library’s front lawn for a children's music concert featuring Rolie Polie Guacamole! Dance along as they play festive, reimagined & classic children’s music! Bring your low camp chairs and blankets and enjoy this high-energy concert. There's plenty of room to spread out on the lawn. Register online.


    Nature Connection Story Time - Thursday, June 9, 10:30 AM
    Join The Nature Connection as we explore plants and animals and connect with the world around us in new ways—all through nature-based stories and poems! During this monthly 45-minute program for 3-6-year-olds, we will read a seasonally appropriate story followed by a sensory engagement activity. Registration is required.

    Summer Preschool Story Time - Friday, June 24, 10:30 AM
    Join us Tuesday mornings from 10:30 AM to 11:15 AM for a fun story time. This event is chock-full of interactive stories, rhymes, fingerplays and songs. Our story time program, designed for children ages 3 to 6, promotes reading readiness and early literacy skills. Registration is required.


    3rd and 4th Grade Book Club: The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies - Thursday, June 9, 4:00 pm
    Registration required; email childrens@gleasonlibrary.org or visit gleasonlibrary.org/events to register.

    For Middle School:

    Middle School Take & Make: Decorate Your Own Canvas Tote Bag - Friday, June 10, 10:00 AM
    Get ready for your summer library hauls by personalizing your very own canvas book tote. Register to reserve a kit with everything you need to decorate a bag you can use to carry library books, beach stuff, farmers' market goodies, or whatever it is you'll need a bag for this summer. Pickup will start on Friday, June 10 and go through Monday, June 13.These Take & Make kits are for grades 5-8. Registration is required in order to reserve your kit.

    Teen Weekend Reading Kit - Friday, June 17, 10:00 AM
    Grab a kit that has everything you need for a book-lover's weekend. Each kit will include a random YA novel for you to keep (genres and reading/maturity levels will vary), a craft or activity, a snack, a little bookish accessory, and a hot beverage to make at home. Registration is required to reserve your kit, and pickup will be Friday, June 17 through Tuesday, June 21. These kits are for grades 7-12. Please email Tahleen, the Teen Services Librarian, with any questions at tshamlian@gleasonlibrary.org.

    IMSCC's June Student Showcase 
    This spring we are sharing some of the exciting music happening at IMSCC, including performances by Carlisle 8th grader Clara Floyd! You can hear this month's featured student performances on our website here

    IMSCC Music Lessons - Summer and Fall enrollment!
    Fall lesson enrollment coming soon
    New students: to begin the enrollment process submit a lesson inquiry here, starting June 7
    Summer lessons are enrolling now and will begin the week of June 22. Summer lessons are flexible - choose just one or two lessons or all ten weeks. To begin the enrollment process, submit a lesson inquiry here
    Summer ensembles
    Summer is a great time to get together and play music for fun! Join one of IMSCC's ensembles this summer: 
    Trombone Choir with Alexei Doohovskoy, Trumpet Workshop with Dr. Ryan Noe, and Summer Band with Chris Noce and Kevin Maier.
    Questions? Email Debbie Levine

    Swap Meet IV – Saturday, June 11

    The Carlisle Cheer Project is happy to announce Swap Meet IV, on Saturday, June 11, under the solar canopies at the Carlisle School! As usual, Carlisle residents are welcome to drop off their useful, gently used items between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM. Be prepared to take your items from your car to designated areas. Visit CarlisleCheerProject.weebly.com for details on what you should and should not bring to the Swap Meet this time (no books, limited electronics, limited media). Then come back between 1:00 and 4:00 PM to ‘shop’ for free! We are partnering with Ascentria Care Alliance, a local organization that helps refugees settle in our area. Check out their complete wishlist of needed items on our website. You may box up and label sets (dishware, linens etc.) for Ascentria Care and drop them off in the morning. We're also inviting several local nonprofits to 'shop' at noon. Our goal is to share your Swap Meet donations with people in need, and have a great event for Carlisle residents too! We'll wrap things up at 4:00 PM, taking the remaining items to a donation center and hopefully, very little trash to our transfer station.

    Why not volunteer for a few hours and help out? you can sign up here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/508094dabac28a20-swap1https://www.signupgenius.com/go/508094dabac28a20-swap1. As always, thank you for your enthusiastic participation and support for this beloved event! For more information, go to CarlisleCheerProject.weebly.com

    Patriots Field Hockey Clinic - June 20-24th 
    Summer camp opportunity for students entering grades 3-9 - 9:00 AM-2:00 PM at CCHS
    Website/registration for the camp:  https://www.patriotfieldhockeyclinics.com/

  • Next Buzz Issue
    The next Buzz will be published in September 2022. This will be the first issue of the 2022-2023 school year.  Please email your submissions to Mary O'Regan at moregan@carlisle.k12.ma.us by 9:00 AM on Wednesday, August 31, 2022.  Please attach information to the email in a Word file. Thank you!