• Welcome To Science Rising 8th Graders!

    The purpose of this website is to serve as a resource only for a general course overview. Most content, homework and long term assignments will be provided using an online classroom management system (either Google Classroom or Schoology). Expect our 2020/21 course to be up and running shortly before the start of the school year. There is no summer work expectation in grade 8 science, but do build in time be observant and curious about phenomena you see around you in the natural and technological worlds. If anyone is interested in pursuing an independent science fair project or in starting a science book or current events group just send me an email!

    This year we will continue our IQWST curriculum to study one unit each in physical science, chemistry, life science, and earth science with an emphasis on active learning through experimentation and team work. Together, as a growth mind-set learning community, we explore topics of energy, heredity, natural selection, chemical reactions in living organisms, and motion & forces. In addition to building a better understanding of fundamental science concepts, we emphasize real-world connections that relate to these guiding questions:

    *What are current research discoveries and applications of science, and how might our daily lives be influenced by this knowledge and technology?

    *What areas of science and engineering interest you, and what possible STEM career paths match your interests?

    *What is engineering and how does it relate to science?    

    *What skills and habits of mind are involved in science and engineering?  

    *What are strengths and limitations of scientific and engineering processes?