Mr. Cranston - Grade 7 - Science and Engineering

  • Grades

    The science grade is determined by tests (35%), quizzes (25%), writing (25%) and homework (15%). Tests occur at the end of each unit. Quizzes occur 2-3 times during a unit. Graded writing assignments occur about 2-3 times a unit. During one term, we will cover about a unit and a half. Grades can be viewed through Schoology.

  • Effort

    We recognize that a student's effort takes many forms and presents itself in many places. Since not all aspects of effort can be assessed directly by the teacher, effort will be jointly assessed by both student and teacher. A rubric specific to each class will identify the areas of effort that each teacher would like their students to reflect on. Throughout the term, students will be asked to reflect on their effort and to log their thoughts in a journal. Teachers will monitor student responses and provide feedback as needed. At the end of the term, the student will provide a final assessment of their effort in the designated effort areas. Following teacher approval, the final rubric will be sent home with the report card. 

  • Amount of Homework

    There are typically 2-4 homework assignments due every week. Each homework assignment should take about 10-30 minutes to complete. Upcoming homework assignments can be viewed through Schoology.

  • Homework Grading

    Homework makes up 15% of the term grade. Each homework assignment is worth 10 pts. Full credit is awarded if all of the HW expectations are met. If any of the expectations are not met, the HW grade will be a 7. If a significant portion of expectations are not met, the grade will be a 0 or 5. Homework assignments that are graded a 0 or 5 can be brought up to a 7. Late or revised homework that is over one week old must be emailed to the teacher. No late homework will be accepted one week after the unit test.

  • Complete Homework Policy

    For more information on the homework policy, including homework expectations, please see my Homework page.

  • Curriculum

    In grades 6-8, students learn science through the IQWST curriculum offered by Activate Learning. According to Activate Learning, “Students investigate questions relevant to their lives by: conducting investigations; collecting and analyzing data; developing and using models to explain phenomena; engaging in argument from evidence; all in a literacy and discourse-rich environment.”

    For 2017-2018 four units will be taught. They are (in the order in which they will be taught):

    1. Environmental Science: Where Have All the Creatures Gone?

    2. Chemical Reactions: How Can I Make New Stuff from Old Stuff?

    3. Weather: What Makes the Weather Change?

    4. Cell Biology and Body Systems: What Is Going on Inside Me?


    ENGINEERING A fifth unit, unrelated to IQWST, will be taught at the end of the year. It is an engineering unit on robotics.