Salem Witch Trials

  • The 5Ws of the Salem Witch Trials:
    Who was accused? Who did the accusing?
    What happened?
    When did this happen?
    Where did this happen? It wasn't just the modern city of Salem!
    Why did this happen? We'll look at some of the theories.
    How did it start? How did it end?

    Check out a map & timeline of the accusations. 
    This map shows how the accusations spread. As time goes on, the circles get larger as more and more people were accused in those towns.
    Click on the map, then scroll down and press 'play.'
    Watch a quick video about the trials from This links to youtube.
    Try National Geographic's interactive site about the Salem Witchcraft Hysteria.
    Get an overview of events from the National Geographic Kids' page.
    Want to do some of your own research using primary sources? You can see original arrest orders, trial transcripts, requests for release, and more at this site by the University of Virginia.
    To find out more about a specific person, use the Middle School Digital Resources on the school library page.
    You can also look for a specific name on the Univ. of VA site (Easy to search, butyou'll probably have to read 1692 language.)