• Requirements for Placement for 6th Grade to 7th Grade Math

    Student math placement is evaluated at the end of each school year. A student must meet the following grade requirement in order to remain in honors or move into the honors program. If a student does not meet the test average listed below, we believe that the student will NOT be successful at the honors level the following year.

    PERFORMANCE: TCMs do not count towards placement.

    1. To remain in Honors: 87 test average for year. 
    1. To move to Honors: 95 test average or better for year.


    In addition to meeting the above minimum test average requirement, the student must meet the criteria in both of the following categories to move to honors or to stay in honors:

    Category A. FORMAL TESTING: These tests will only be administered to students who have met the above criteria. A scaled score of -1, 0, or 1 will be given for each test. A student needs to get a total of 1 to meet this requirement.


                                                           End of Year Test (DDM)           CML (Problem Solving)                                                                                                        

                                                    n > 88 =     1                          21-30 = 1

                                                     80-87   =     0                        16-20 = 0

                                                     n < 79   =     -1                      0-15   = -1


    Category B. STUDENT ATTRIBUTE RUBRICS: Our belief is that every child can learn. However, we have found certain characteristics to be common among those students who have met with success in our honors program. Although few students will have all characteristics, we believe that all students should demonstrate 2 of these 4 categories.

    1. Rate of Learning/Retention
    • Can the student pick up the concept after the first lesson?
    • Does the student retain the skills and concepts learned, or do they need to be re-taught each year?
    1. Personal Involvement in Learning
    • Is the student involved in Math League?
    • Does the student seek out extra help/clarification as needed?
    • Is the student an active participant in class? Are they able to take an idea to the next step?
    1. Independent Learning Style
    • Does the student exhibit personally successful study skills? This may include: reading comprehension strategies, test preparation, note taking and organizational skills.
    • Is the student willing to work at, or stick with a difficult new concept?
    1. Cooperative Learning
    • Does the student exhibit active listening when working with a group?
    • Is the student able to work positively with a wide variety of students?
    • Is the student able to communicate his/her ideas such that they are understood by others?
    • Is the student able to play a variety of roles within a group?