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    A Good Attitude + Effort = The Key to Success

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  • I believe it is important for students to see and hear different languages in order to appreciate the language they are taking. This does not only train students’ ears to recognize sounds and tones, but also helps students appreciate and have more respect for different languages and cultures. It opens their minds to the world beyond their immediate environment.

            In order to give students an appreciation of cultural differences and the ability to apply it to their lives as citizens and workers, students are encouraged to analyze global systems and to develop flexible knowledge, effective problem solving skills, self-directed learning, effective collaboration skills and intrinsic motivation. In my classroom, students will experience, “No matter what kind of learners we are, a good attitude plus effort are the keys to achievement.”

            As a Chinese language teacher, I feel my main mission is to introduce Chinese culture and language in a positive way to students in the U.S.A. I treat all my students equally and provide a positive, safe and encouraging learning environment to ensure that everyone in my care receives a quality education. 

            With cultural differences between China and America, my students and I have to learn how to adjust to each other. This has made our Chinese classes more fascinating for both students and teacher. I will continue to share my Chinese knowledge and strive to inspire students through curiosity, challenge, and relevancy. I hope the seed I plant in them will be well-rooted so they continue their passion and, one day, will able to speak fluent Chinese and contribute their foreign language skills to the society.

     Core Values:  Inspire   Global   Inclusive   High Expectation

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  •  About Chiao Bin Huang   黄照斌                                                                        

        Chiao Bin Huang graduated from the Dance Department of Chinese cultural University in Taiwan, 1988, and received her Master Degree of Arts in Theatre Education at Emerson College, Boston, MA in 1992. In 2004, Chiao Bin Huang was invited to Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Project residency as a Chinese paper-cutting artist and danced with Yo Yo Ma’s ensemble hosted by Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA. In 2005, Chiao Bin Huang started Chinese language teaching in Carlisle Middle School, MA. She combined the performing arts and culture into student’s Chinese learning. 

        In 2006, Chiao Bin received a Certificate of Award from the State House, Boston Massachusetts, in recognition of a great achievement in bringing together people of diverse backgrounds and interests through the Carlisle town-wide Chinese New Year Celebration. In January, 2006, Chiao Bin expanded the Chinese New Year Celebration into a town-wide event; the participants included the school principal, superintendent, teachers, students, parents and Carlisle residents. The Carlisle Chinese New Year Celebration started by Chiao Bin Huang earned the ”2006 Gold Star Project” Award from Massachusetts Cultural Council. In 2007, Chiao Bin Huang established a “Chinese Teacher’s teaching Sharing Group” and promoted using high tech to teach Chinese. It has been a great benefit to many Chinese language teachers in different school districts. Since then, Chiao Bin has been invited to give presentations at MAFLA, Primary Source and the STARTALK Chinese summer program. Reference: www.chinesecultureboston.com