About the Learning Commons


    Welcome to the Carlisle Public Schools Learning Commons! The Learning Commons is a space for the entire CPS community to use, access and enjoy.Teachers are welcome to schedule time in the library with Ms. Bery or request direct instruction in their classrooms  - please consult the library schedule for more details.


    Learning Commons Staff

    The Learning Commons is staffed by a full-time library media specialist, Ms. Bery, and a library assistant. Ms. Chin.

    There are also numerous parent volunteers who help out on a regular basis in the library, assisting with book circulation, shelving, and general organization. We always welcome new volunteers, so if you are interested in signing up, please email the PTO Library Volunteer Coordinator at carlisleptolibrary@gmail.com



    The Carlisle Public School Learning Commons is open Monday-Friday during school hours. Students may stop by briefly with permission to borrow books throughout the day. Middle school students who wish to be in the Learning Commons during lunch/recess must have a signed pink permission slip from their homeroom teacher.


    Borrowing Privileges

    Students and teachers may check out books and other materials from the learning commons. Checkout limits are as follows:

    Kindergarten: 1 book

    1st/2nd: 2 books

    3rd: 3 books

    4th-8th: 5 books

    Teachers may borrow an unlimited number of books.


    Lost/Damaged Books

    Students who lose or damage books beyond repair will be expected to pay for the replacement cost of the book.


    Using the Learning Commons Space

    Individuals or groups who wish to use the Learning Commons space during the school day are requested to email the library media specialist directly: mbery@carlisle.k12.ma.us

    Individuals or groups who wish to use the Learning Commons space after school hours are requested to contact Nancy Donnelly, assistant to the Business Manager: ndonnelly@carlisle.k12.ma.us

Last Modified on September 14, 2016