• NitroBall Study Guide


    1. NitroBall was created in summer of 2005 in Sarasota, Florida. And was first known as “inverted volleyball

    2. Created by Peter Boucher and became Nitroball at Canton High School in Massachusetts.


    Score more points than the opposing team by passing, striking, or hitting the ball over the net so the opponents cannot legally return the ball.

    Number of Players:

    General guidelines are 6-8 players per team. Can be played with as little as 4 players.

    Court Setup

    Typical court measures 78 feet by 36 feet (size of a doubles tennis court) with the service line 21 feet from the net. The net is to be 36 42 inches high


    Uses rally scoring in which a point is awarded each time the ball is served. The first team to score 21 points wins (team must win by 2 points)


    Players take turns serving in a clockwise rotation, with the server standing behind the service line. The ball must be served underhand either out of hand or off a bounce.

    Game Play

    Once the ball is served, players can move in any formation on the court. The serving team continues to serve until the opposing team scores a point; the serve is then awarded to that team. A service fault occurs if the ball fails to make it over the net, touches a player of the serving team, lands out of bounds, or the server’s footsteps over the serving line. If this occurs, the serve is awarded to the other team.

    •   The ball MUST bounce off the court before EVERY strike (except the serve)

    •   The player may not hit the ball consecutively

    •   Kicking or heading the ball is not allowed

    •   Blocks are illegal as the ball must hit the ground before every strike

    •   The ball can be struck with one hand or two hands A point is scored when:

    •   The ball bounces twice on the opponentsside

    •   The opposing team is unable to return the ball within three hits

    •   The opposing team cannot legally return the ball into the court

    •   The opposing team hits the ball out of bounds

    •   The opposing team commits a fault or foul