Physical Education Schedule:

  • Kindergarten:

    Ms. Weston:  Monday and Tuesday - Mrs. Laughlin

    Mrs. Severy:  Tuesday and Friday - Mrs. Carmel / Mr. Hunt

    Mrs. Graham: Wednesday and Friday - Mrs. Laughlin

    First Grade:

    Mrs. Gerade: Monday and Wednesday - Mr. Hunt

    Mrs. Hunt: Tuesday and Thursday - Mr. Hunt

    Mrs. Grady : Tuesday and Wednesday - Mrs. Carmel

    Ms. Casazza: Tuesday and Thursday - Mrs. Carmel

    Second Grade:

    Mrs. Vanaria: Tuesday and Friday - Mrs. Carmel

    Mrs. Caron: Monday and Thursday - Mrs. Carmel

    Mrs. Gilchrist: Monday and Thursday - Mrs. Laughlin

    Mrs. Katz: Tuesday and Friday - Mrs. Laughlin

    Third Grade:

    Mrs. Cox: Monday and Wednesday  - Mrs. Carmel

    Mrs. Morris: Monday and Wednesday - Mr. Hunt

    Mrs. Niemierko: Wednesday and Thursday - Mr. Hunt

    Ms. Yanka - Wednesday and Thursday - Mrs. Carmel

    Fourth Grade:

    Mr. Deforest: Monday and Wednesday - Mr. Hunt

    Ms. McCabe: Monday and Wednesday - Mrs. Laughlin

    Mrs. King: Wednesday and Thursday - Mr. Hunt

Physical Education Announcements


    Current Units

    K -2: Small Equipment Exploration= Bean bags, scoops, hoops, ropes, scooters


    3-5:  Ball Skills = Throwing and catching, foot skills, games that use incorporate these skills


    6-8:  Project Adventure = Trust activities, initiatives, games



    Attention: PHYSICAL FITNESS TESTING for Grades 3-8 will take place the weeks of October 21-November 1.

    Students will be assessed in endurance (mile), abdominal strength (ab planks), upper body/core strength (push-ups) and flexibility (sit and reach).





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