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    • The Carlisle SEPAC is a parent-run organization that serves as a resource and advisor to parents and guardians of children who have special needs and learning differences.
    • SEPAC works in partnership with the Carlisle Public Schools administration on matters relating to the education and safety of all students.
    • SEPAC works to encourage understanding, respect, acceptance, and inclusion of all students.
    • SEPAC provides opportunities for parents and guardians to share experiences, exchange information, and learn more about challenges facing today’s students.


    • Parents and guardians who have children between the ages of three and fourteen (pre-school through grade eight).
    • Meetings are open to the public.
    • There are no dues or fees.
    • Everyone is welcome!


    Chapter 71B: Section 3

    The School Committee shall establish a parent advisory council on special education. Membership shall be offered to all parents of children with disabilities and other interested parties.

    Chapter 71B: Section 1C

    Each school district shall conduct, in cooperation with the local parent advisory council, at least one workshop annually within the school district on the rights of students and their parents/guardians under the special education laws of the commonwealth.


    603 CMR 28:07 (4)

    Each school district shall create a districtwide parent advisory council offering membership to all parents of eligible students, and other interested parties.


     Date  Agenda  Minutes  Survey
     May 19, 2021      
     April 14, 2021      
     February 17, 2021      
     January 20, 2021      
     December 16, 2021      
     November 18, 2021    Minutes  
     October 21, 2021  Agenda  Minutes  
     September 23, 2021
     May 25, 2021
     Agenda  Minutes   
     April 27, 2021
     Agenda  Minutes  
     February 23, 2021
     Agenda  Minutes   
     January 26, 2021
     Agenda   Minutes   
     December 22, 2020
     Canceled  Canceled  
     November 24, 2020
     Agenda   Minutes  
     October 27, 2020  Agenda  Minutes  
     September 22, 2020
     Agenda  Minutes   
     November 19, 2019
     October 15, 2019
       Minutes  Results
     September 17, 2019
     May 29, 2019
     April 24, 2019  Agenda  Minutes  
     March 20, 2019  Agenda  Minutes  
     February 27, 2019
     Agenda  Minutes  
     January 23, 2019
     Agenda  Minutes  
     October 26, 2018  Agenda  Minutes  

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