Program Information

  • Program Goal

    The goal of our program is to help children develop confidence and positive self-esteem that will allow them to express their natural curiosity and increase their willingness to explore new materials and experiences.  Through facilitated play, children will become socially competent so that they can become well-rounded students. The program will focus on gaining pre-academic, language, motor, and self-help skills, which will be the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

    Program Highlights

    • Weekly music class taught by a Carlisle Public Schools music educator
    • Opportunities for parent volunteers in the classroom
    • Seasonal use of exercise room for developmentally appropriate movement activitie
    • Access to Carlisle Public Schools cultural events
    • Handwriting Without Tears program
    • Opportunities for cross-age educational experiences
    • Weekly library visit and book borrowing
    • Optional summer program

     Preschool Mission and Philosophy 

    The program’s philosophy reiterates that all children can participate, and successfully learn and develop, at their own pace in the preschool.  Children can learn through actively exploring their environment and interacting with peers and adults.  The optimal integrated preschool environment needs to be a child-centered setting that is also safe, nurturing, predictable, and developmentally appropriate.  This type of environment can be most conducive to learning and developing, given the unique learning styles of preschool children.  In preschool, play is a child’s work and the role of adults is to model and facilitate each child’s learning experience.


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