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    The goal of the health office is to provide safe and comprehensive care to a sick or injured child.  Communication between school nurses and parents is essential to this goal.  Please give time and thought to complete the school medical update included in your summer packet sent home by the schools, as no one knows a child better than the parent. 

    Please keep the nurses informed of any changes in the student's health. 

    Medication Policy:

    To ensure the safe administration of medication, all medications that are to be given at school must meet the following state regulated guidelines:

    All medications need to be in an original pharmacy bottle with the student's name, type of medication and the correct dosage clearly marked.  When filling a prescription you may request two bottles – one for school and one for home.

    A signed order sheet from the prescribing physician stating the diagnosis, type of medicine, time of administration and any expected side effects must accompany the medication.  A new order form is needed for each academic year.  Forms are available in the health office.

    If the student has an allergy to food, to bee stings or any other substance and requires an Epi-Pen, the parent must provide one for the school health office.  (Please see information regarding pharmacy bottles for the health office.)

    All children who have inhalers for asthma in grades 4 through 8 will be allowed to carry their medically prescribed inhalers during the school day.  This is the only medication a student may carry.  A parent permission form must be filled out each academic year.  Parents of students in K through 3 who may need an inhaler at school should bring the inhaler to the health office where it will be available for use when needed.

    State law prohibits students from carrying any type of medication. Tylenol and Ibuprofen are available in the health office and may be given with parental permission.


    State laws and Carlisle School health policy require a complete physical examination of every child before entering school and at the fourth and seventh-grade levels.  Additionally, those students transferring from another school system are required to have a physical during the year of transfer. Completed physical forms should be brought to the health office in September.  Forms used by your doctor are acceptable

    Sports Physicals:

    A comprehensive physical examination is required to participate in intramural or interscholastic school athletics.  To be eligible, documentation from the student's doctor or practitioner must be presented to the school nurses before a student can participate in any try-outs for teams.  An exam is valid for one calendar year and must cover the time period that the sport is being played.  To cover all sports for the upcoming year, a physical examination should be done over the summer months.  Fall sports begin the second week of school It is state mandated that updated physical be received by the school health office for students entering school, 4th and 7th grade. ANY STUDENT PLANNING ON TRYING OUT FOR A SCHOOL TEAM MUST HAVE A CURRENT (WITHIN A YEAR) PHYSICAL ON FILE IN THE HEALTH OFFICE. THIS IS A MIAA RULE AND WE ARE REQUIRED TO MEET THESE STANDARDS. We encourage all of our students to participate in our sports programs and hope that parents will book appointments and plan accordingly

    Whenever a physical is given, please send a copy to the health office.  A current physical on file is a helpful resource and may be copied if a parent needs one for another activity during the year.

    Head Lice:

    In the fall and spring, head lice are occasionally seen. Please examine the student's head frequently and particularly before the opening of school.  If head lice are found, please contact the health office.  This will enable head checks on other students to reduce the possibility of spread. We realize that this is a sensitive and upsetting occurrence and it will be handled as discreetly as possible. We are fortunate to have enough staff to handle any outbreaks in a confidential but proactive manner. Please check your child periodically during the school year. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO REPORT ANY CASES TO THE HEALTH OFFICE SO WE CAN WORK DILIGENTLY TO STOP ANY SPREADING OF THIS PROBLEM. IF IT IS NOT REPORTED YOUR CHILD MAY BECOME REINFECTED. We will help and support you during your child's treatment. If you have any concerns and need assistance we will be happy to help you.

    Life-Threatening Allergies:

    In order to minimize the incidence of life-threatening allergic reactions, the Carlisle Public Schools (CPS) has developed a policy and procedures document, revised in May 2003. As part of this policy, CPS will, in conjunction with the student's parent/guardian and primary care provider and/or allergist, maintain an Emergency Health Care Plan (EHCP) for any student identified with a potentially life-threatening allergy. We encourage parents to participate in the support and implementation of this policy. It is imperative that the School Nurse be informed of any such medical issues. You may access the full policy online at the school's website, or request a printed copy by calling the Main Office at (978) 369-6550.