Special Education

  • The Carlisle Public School serves students in PreK through grade 8. Special Education services are provided to eligible students aged 3 to 14 years or until they graduate from 8th grade. (Secondary school programs provide necessary services until a student's 22nd birthday or High School graduation, whichever occurs first.)

    Specific services are determined through the TEAM meeting process and based on the needs of individual students.

Steps to Individualized Educational Programs

    Families or Carlisle Faculty raise concerns regarding student performance. Students receive additional support and are discussed at a Child Study Team meeting. Consent is sent to families, and evaluations are completed within 30 days of receiving signed consent.

Team Meeting Process


    Upon completing a school-based evaluation or documentation from a qualified outside provider confirming a disability.


    TEAM INPUT/Review of School Records

    Establish if the student is making effective progress in school.


    504 or IEP

    504 = changes to how a student learns compared to peers.

    IEP = changes what is taught compared to peers.

504 Plan

  • Students must have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. A “major life activity” includes walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning, working, and eating.

    Carlisle provides a written form that outlines the student's specific needs, including accommodations and pertinent information that is shared with all teachers and specialists working with the students.

    A legally-binding plan developed in collaboration with a student and their family presents guidelines for classroom modifications to provide a safe and accessible education.



    • Student specific
    • Support to generalize skills taught out of class
    • Modification of classwork or expectation
    • Increased cueing and feedback



    • Student specific
    • Explicit instruction not taught in the general education class
    • Preview and review of instruction taught in the general education class



    • Academic
    • Speech and Language
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Counseling
    • Social Skills Instruction
    • Behavior Plans
    • *Additional services are contracted as needed.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find more information about Massachusetts and Federal Special Education Laws?

    The following web pages contain valuable information for families.


    IDEA-related website:



    The Massachusetts State Performance Plan for Special Education can be found at:



    The state special education regulations can be found at:



    I have questions about high school; where can I find more information?

    Please see FAQs regarding CCHS.


    What are my rights if I disagree with the Carlisle team regarding Special Education Services?

    Please review the Parental Notice of Procedural Safeguards.


    How long does it take to have an evaluation completed?

    Once consent is received, the team will need between 40 to 45 school days to complete thorough evaluations. 


    Who is my case manager?

    Typically a Special Educator is your case manager and is listed on the front page of your child’s IEP.  If your student does not receive services from a special educator, then the Director of Student Support Services will identify who will take on that role during your student’s IEP meeting.  Case Managers will always reach out to families if a change occurs at the beginning of a school year or for any other reason. Case Managers are the primary contact person and will always ensure all pertinent information regarding students is shared with the whole team.