Middle School Principal

Mrs. Carrie Wilson

Phone: 978-369-6550


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A DePauw University M.S. Northern Illinois University

Mrs. Carrie Wilson

To all Carlisle Families,

It is my distinct pleasure to be a part of the Carlisle Community and to join together with you in the education of our children! I believe it is my mission to motivate, and inspire each and every member of our school family to develop the “habitude” of continual excellence as student, educator, parent-partner, community-based partner and life-long learner.  As I join the Carlisle School family, I am personally challenged, inspired and motivated to enhance our school by providing opportunities for every child, every day based on their unique learner needs.

I am proud to share that my teaching career in Illinois and Massachusetts has included all grades 4 through 9, most specifically in the areas of science and English. Additionally, my administrative work has taken me to the high school as assistant principal and to the position as principal in the middle school in both Wisconsin and Massachusetts. I find the work at the middle and upper levels of education to be dynamic and exhilarating and thus have dedicated my career to the very important task of making a difference with children at these levels. Enthusiasm and curiosity for learning as an adolescent, knows no bounds! It is because of my belief that this is so, that I feel most attracted to the challenge that these grade levels imply.

 I believe in the strength of collaborative faculty and community input and joint decision-making as an integral component to the success of a middle level school. As principal, I aspire to the promotion of a positive school culture and to a broad educational program that is founded on best student learning practice. When teachers feel trust in their work, and are afforded real opportunities for collaboration, and a real sense of support from their principal who works along side them, then true reflection about teaching and learning becomes a natural and expected outcome for success.

 I see the development of a strong relationship with families and students as crucial to meaningful student and faculty teamwork, and necessary for open communication within the school environment. It is important for me to initiate clear, concise communication with you all about student curriculum, student progress, student celebrations and partnership strategies, both internally with professional staff and students, and externally with parents and community. Consistent sharing only enhances the growth of a positive school culture. Finally, I commit my work to the creation of an effective shared leadership approach that promotes a healthy respect and responsibility for learning between student, school and staff.

 I most certainly appreciate all opportunities to meet you personally to discuss the children at Carlisle School. The door is always open for conversation! I can easily be reached through the school phone number at 978-369-6550 or via email at cwilson@carlisle.k12.ma.us.


Carrie Wilson