• 1st grade 

    The first graders focus on building basic music skills, such as singing in tune, keeping a steady beat, playing percussion instruments, and understanding the fundamentals of music notation. 

    2nd grade

    In second grade, the students refine their vocal skills, and expand their knowledge of music notation through rhythm and melodic contour.  They will also learn to play world percussion instruments, mallet instruments, and compose simple rhythms and songs.

    3rd grade 

    The third graders study Native American music and dance, and they learn to read music notation using solfege. They also learn to play recorders.


    4th grade

    The fourth graders study music from various regions of the United States.  They also learn to read music notation using note names, rhythmic values, and chords.


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    September News
    During the past few weeks, the first graders have been exploring their singing voices with the help of their “friends” Henry the Snail, Mr. Owl, and Cuckoo Bird (each character has his own song).  The second, third and fourth graders have been revving up their vocal cords with the help of Julia Child (the French Chef).  All grade levels have also worked on keeping a steady beat with movement activities and dances. 


          Keeping in touch  

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    Website : www.carlisle.k12.ma.us/Page/407

    Seesaw: Your child’s work from music class will be posted on the Seesaw app throughout the school year