Handwriting and Keyboarding

  • Handwriting: Students in grades K-2 receive handwriting instruction through the Fundations Program. 


    Learn how students are taught to form their letters: 

    Fundations uppercase letter formation

    Fundations lowercase letter formation


    Additional Handwriting/Letter formation Apps:

    Handwriting Without Tears Wet, Dry, Try App

    Letter School App

    iWriteWords App

    Writing Wizard App


    Nitro Type: Improve typing skills with some fun competition!

    Dance Mat Typing :  

    TypingClub is an educational program that will help students learn to type accurately and quickly on a standard computer keyboard. The program is fully web-based, so students can use it to practice keyboarding in class, at home, or anywhere with an internet connection. Students can access TypingClub by visiting http://carlisleschool.typingclub.com and logging in using their CPS Google accounts. If you need assistance with this please reach out to Mr. Greenwood: ngreenwood@carlisle.k12.ma.us


    Website: https://carlisleschool.typingclub.com


    Google Account: 27[First Initial][First five letters of the last name]@carlisle.k12.ma.us

    Example: 27JSmith@carlisle.k12.ma.us

    Password: ####-cps (usual school password with -cps on the end)

    Example: 1234-cps


    If you would like to help at home, the two most important things for your child to focus on while practicing keyboarding are maintaining their finger placement on the home row and not looking at the keyboard while typing (speed will come with practice). Students will be practicing once or twice per week in school and we ask them to supplement this practice at home to develop the muscle memory required for proficient typing. In addition, we ask that students only practice keyboarding on a full keyboard, not an iPad or other touch screen device.