• Dear Families,

    Below you will find a number of articles about early math support and development in addition to some games and activities you can use to help support your students’ math development. It is important that you remember that your positive support and encouragement is exactly what your children need, and anything beyond that is an added bonus.

    If at any point in the school year you find yourself with questions regarding your child or potential math support please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Happy learning!

    Lucy O’Connor

    Tier II Math Tutor



    Articles for Family Support

    10 Things to Know About Math: Quick reminders about why teaching and supporting math exposure and instruction is essential to early development.

    Mathematics in Early Childhood Learning: The early foundation of mathematics is essential to helping children to grow in all areas of their academic development.

    Early Math: How Children Learn About Numbers: An introduction to what early exposure to mathematics and numbers can do for children and what that may look like in a variety of settings.

    Parent Strategies for Improving Their Child’s Math: Suggestions for parents on how to positively support and encourage mathematical development in a way that will be most beneficial to students.

    5 Ways to Build Math Into Your Child’s Day: Simple suggestions on how to incorporate math thinking and math talk into already existing daily routines and tasks.


    Math Resources to Use at Home

    Fact Fluency: A large compilation of games for fact fluency in addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Many games require only dice or a deck of playing cards.

    Prodigy Interactive: An online math video game that is interactive and fun for students.

    Math Playground: A collection of math games at varying grade levels that are academically appropriate.

    Mrs. O’Connor’s Math Manipulative Room: A resource for many common math manipulatives that can be used to help when completing math work at home.