Carlisle Back to School Task Force

  • The Carlisle Back to School Task Force (BTSTF) is a volunteer group of 40 Carlisle School Staff members, parents & guardians, and residents including those in the medical profession. Our task force has met and will continue to meet in both our large group and our smaller working groups.

    Our working groups include:

    The Instructional Core/Social Emotional Learning Group

    The School and District Operations Group

    The Resources and Finances Group

    The Stakeholder Communications Group


    Back to School Task Force

    Working Group Assignments

    Instructional Core

    Leads: Dennet Sidell, Lori Bruce, 

    Members: Kathi Macklis, Janelle Kapusta, Lynne Carmel, Cady Audette, Marcella Pixley, Sara Vitelli, Josh Silverstone, Kate Reid, Kim Reid, Jeff Hechenbleikner, Tamara Willsie.

    School and District Operations

    Leads: Matt Mehler, Lauren Sawyer, Heather Huntress

    Members: Carrie Patel, Eloisa Marquez-Gonzalez, Amy Molten, Kevin Maier, Lori Desjardin, Ganna Podalska, Rob Fortado, Sue Robichaud.

    Resources and Finance

    Leads: Sue Pray, Anne Mahan

    Members: Cynthia Sorn, Alan Lewis, Scott Heffner, Jim O’Shea

    Stakeholder Communication

    Leads: Christine Lear, Linda Vanaria

    Members: Lauree Eckler, Nicole McGeough, Bridget Fleming, Rebecca Parker, Vanessa Moroney, Nancy Anderson, Jim O’Shea