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       8th Grade Curriculum Highlights



    The students complete exercises and final projects that will show students' higher level understanding of the elements and principals of art.

    The year long visual arts curriculum is based around the national art standards and includes elements of art, history and design.

     The curriculum is designed to engage students in creative problem solving and collaboration using the design process. These skills also help students to focus, commit, and follow through with an idea, encouraging a growth mindset.


    • Medieval illuminations- letter design with metallic decoration
    • Islamic tile prints- linoleum cutting in rotational designs
    • Plaster masks- paper clay and recycled materials
    • Acrylic painting inspired by Hubble Space Telescope photographs and Aboriginal art
    • Pastel landscape inspired by French Impressionism
    • Heliographic printing- sun prints with water color concentrate
    • Contour portrait with acetate and text
    • Interdisciplinary project with language arts-Journal and paper making
    • Two-point perspective cityscapes