• 7th Grade Art Curriculum Highlights



    The students will learn to effectively use the elements of art as they apply to the principles of design. Developing the visual literacy of the students to increase their ability to see, understand, create and communicate using appropriate vocabulary and concepts based on the elements and principles of design and the national art standards.


    The curriculum is designed to engage students in creative problem solving and collaboration using the design process. These skills also help students to focus, commit, and follow through with an idea, encouraging a growth mindset.


    • Value chart- learning to shade
    • Shoe contour line drawing and shading- varied line and observation skills
    • Grid drawing for large animal portraits
    • Pastel color mixing and matching design
    • Pastel landscape inspired by French impressionists
    • Printmaking- linoleum cutting
    • Color chart painting, mixing color, tint and shade
    • Georgia O’Keeffe - acrylic painting
    • Acetate face inspired by Andy Warhol, Pop art
    • Paper weaving