6th Art Curriculum Highlights



    The students will learn and effectively apply the elements of art and experiment with projects designed around the national art standards. Projects will require the students to arrange elements into compositions. Each unit includes an art history component.


    The curriculum is designed to engage students in creative problem solving and collaboration using the design process. The skills developed will also help students to focus, commit, and follow through with an idea, encouraging a growth mindset.



    • Color wheel
    • Gyotaku fish prints
    • Silhouette Portraits- self expression
    • Robert Collins contemporary artist project teaching value, gradation and balance
    • 2D-3D project with Frank Stella and recycled materials
    • Ribbon project- understanding water color and warm and cool colors. Hatching and

       cross-hatching and fore, middle and background


    • Matisse -color schemes, expression and symbolism
    • Klimt- mixed media, collage
    • Line directional pastel- blending methods with pastels
    • Water color- rearranged architecture, color mixing and balance