Math and Science

  • Husky Home Day Work for BOTH Math and Science (March 4, 2019)
    Two MATH worksheets are attached.  Please print them out and complete them.  Make sure you bring them to school when you are finished.
    For SCIENCE,  please work on the Unit 6:  Energy and Forces Quizlet for 20 minutes.  
    You can also find the link to Quizlet on Mrs. Denaro's website.  After 20 minutes, go back to the Unit 6: Energy and Forces homepage and find the 3 horizontal dots in a circle near the top.  Click on them and then click on "print".  Then click on "Want to print a test?"  (On the left hand side).  Print the test and complete it.  Multiple choice answers won't show up if you complete them online and then try to print.  Bring the test to school.

    MJP 191 MJP 192

    I will be available to answer any quesitons you might have from 9:00 to 11:00. Do your best and I will also be available to help with any additional questions on Tuesday.

    Thank you for completing the Husky Home Day assignments and enjoy the snow day!

    Mrs. Denaro