• Please Update Head Coach Contact Information for Invitational here:

    Invitational Contact Update

    The Varisty Boys race will start promptly at 3:30.  Be sure to plan accordingly to allow time for runners to put their bibs on and be ready to run.  Once a race begins the next race should take the line so that races can start on time.  Races are subject to be moved up if we are able to do so.  Please make sure to have your runners keep track of what race is coming up next.

    Team Races: 

    Varsity:  8 Runners (5 Runners are required to be scored as a team)

    JV:  12 Runners (5 Runners are required to be scored as a team)

    A google sheet will be shared with coaches to update this information.  Teams must be finalized by October 9th to allow enough time for the bibs to be created.

    Starting Boxes:  Each team will be assigned a starting box.  You will have the same number for all races regardless of whether your team runs in any or all races.  For all races 3 runners are allowed on the starting line with the rest behind.  No exceptions.


    Address for runner drop-off: 165 North Road, Carlisle, MA 10741

    Please be sure to get the cell phone number of the bus driver as we will once again ask that drivers drop runners off and park buses at one of the two following locations:

    Carlisle Public Schools                                    Kimball Farms

    83 School Street                                            343 Bedford Road

    Carlisle, MA 01741                                         Carlisle, MA 01741

    Coaches will call their driver at the end of the event and ask that they return to pick-up runners at the same location.

    Runners should plan on using the porta potties for the bathroom to be set up near the runner's staging area.