• Non-Contractual Employee Packet Instructions:

    The first two items must be done prior to start of employment.

    1. Complete CORI form and submit to Main Office with a copy of your driver's license.

    2. Have fingerprints done per attached instructions; or call previous district you originally did fingerprints for and ask them to send a suitability report to us to nanderson@carlisle.k12.ma.us.

    3. Carlisle Personnel Record - complete top section in yellow.

    4. Personnel Info Sheet - complete all in yellow and sign bottom, kept in main office.

    5. 2020 Federal W4 - Complete all areas

    6. MA 2020 W4 - Complete all areas

    7. I-9 - Complete first page, three sections in yellow. Be sure to sign bottom. Return all
    pages along with two forms of acceptable identification (passport, birth certificate, social
    security card, or driver’s license).

    8. Bring a copy of your birth certificate for the MCRS application.

    9. Read the town sexual harassment policy.

    10. Sign off that you have read the sexual harassment policy.

    11. Dental Packet

    12. Direct Deposit

    13. EPIMS

    14. HIRD Form - sign sections in yellow. This explains that you were offered health insurance for this position.

    15. Mandatory Ethics Training - complete the last page and return with paperwork. Also print certificate of successful completion and turn that in as well.

    16. Health Insurance Packet

    17. SSA Form - explains that you do not pay Social Security.

    18. Waiver sheet for any voluntary deductions you do not choose to participate in.

    19. Life Insurance Packet

    20. Long Term Disability Packet

    21. Spokeskids - this is the list of all annuity vendors we participate with. If you would like to set a 403b account you must contact the vendor phone number on the list and tell the we work through MidAmerica.


    Return all these documents and required extras upon coming into work your first day. No payment for work can be made until the paperwork has been received in full.