• Absences

    Students are expected to make up ALL work when absent. This includes activities, labs, readings, notes, and tests/quizzes. All assignments that are collected can be found on Google Classroom. Therefore the first step for the student is to check Classroom to find out what was missed. The student should also contact a friend to find out if there were notes.

    • Activities/Labs - Because the curriculum places great emphasis on evidence and the evidence is generated in class during the activities/labs, these experiences are essential in the learning process. To make up an activity/lab, reach out to me via email to find out what you need to get caught up.
    • Readings - Occasionally we do readings in class. This must be made up and submitted to Google Classroom.
    • Notes - This will not be listed in Classroom. When you return to school, you must ask a friend to show you their journal. You can take photos of their notes and you'll write them into your journal as soon as you can.
    • Tests/Quizzes - These must be made up within a week of returning to school. You must contact me to arrange a time.