• Absences

    Students are expected to make up ALL work when absent. This includes activities (labs), readings, notes, and tests/quizzes. Schoology lists all work except notes). Therefore the first step for the student is to check Schoology to find out what was missed. The student should also contact a friend to find out if there were notes.

    • Activities - These are the labs of the curriculum. Because the curriculum places great emphasis on evidence and the evidence is generated in class during the activities/labs, these experiences are essential in the learning process.

      To make up an activity:
      1. Download the assignment.
      2. Read it over.
      3. If possible, complete the prediction.
      4. Call a friend and have them explain the lab to you.
      5. Have them send you a screenshot of the data/observations and copy that into your lab.
      6. Complete the conclusion as best you can.
      7. Sometimes the lab won't make sense unless you can see the setup. In that case, make plans to talk to me and possibly stay after school to perform the lab.

    • Readings - Occasionally we do readings in class. This must be made up and submitted to Schoology.
    • Notes - This will not be listed in Schoology. You must ask a friend to find out what you missed. Your friend can email you his/her notes.
    • Tests/Quizzes - These must be made up within a week of returning to School. Available times are after school and during tutorial.

    Attendance Policy from the Carlise Public School Handbook (p7):

    Regular attendance is essential. Students should not miss school except for illness or
    family emergencies. Parents are asked not to remove students from school during non-vacation periods. Teachers are not required or expected to prepare assignments in advance nor provide extended make-up for students who go on trips during school time. The Carlisle School Committee’s Policy on School Attendance was most recently reviewed in 2015. You may access the full policy online at the school’s website, Attendance Policy or request a printed copy by calling the Main Office at 978-369-6550.