Earth Science
life science


  • Curriculum

    In grades 6-8, students learn science through the IQWST curriculum offered by Activate Learning. It is best summarized by this quote from Activate Learning:  “Students investigate questions relevant to their lives by: conducting investigations; collecting and analyzing data; developing and using models to explain phenomena; engaging in argument from evidence; all in a literacy and discourse-rich environment.”

    For 2021-2021 four units will be taught. They are (in the order in which they will be taught):

    1. Physics: Why Do Some Things Stop While Others Keep Going - Transfer, Transformation and Conservation of Energy

    2. Chemistry: How Can I Make New Stuff from Old Stuff? - Chemical Reactions and Conservation of Matter

    3. Earth Science: What Makes the Weather Change? - Atmospheric Processes in Weather and Climate

    4. Life Science: What Is Going on Inside Me? - Body Systems and Cellular Processes 

    ENGINEERING: Engineering will be taught throughout the school year. Engineering projects will relate to the science that is being taught at that time.