• Grades

    In grade 7 science, there are three grading categories on the report card: Achievement, Effort, and Citizenship.

    Achievement: The science achievement grade is determined by the test average (~25%), quiz average (~25%), lab average (~20%), classwork/journal average (~15%), and homework average (~15%). Tests occur at the end of each unit. Quizzes occur 2-3 times during a unit. Graded labs occur about 2 times a unit. During one term, we will cover about a unit and a half. Grades can be viewed through Google Classroom. This grade is a letter grade (A-D).

    Effort: This grade is a reflection of the student's attempt to do the very best one can. The grade is based on class participation in discussions, HW completion, classwork completion, teamwork participation, seeking help, taking risks, and following directions. This grade is a letter grade (A-D).

    Citizenship: This grade reflects how well a student demonstrates citizenship (as described by the student handbook) within the science classroom. This grade is a 1-4 expectations grade, in which 1 means Does Not Meet Expectations and 4 means Exceeds Expectations.