Tests and Quizzes

  • Tests and quizzes assess student's knowledge of content and understanding of concepts. Quizzes gauge how well students are acquiring new content, concepts, and vocabulary during the course of a unit. Tests assess students' final acquisition of the key concepts and content knowledge.

    Tests comprise 30% of the term grade, while quizzes comprise 20%.

    Tests will be announced one week in advance, while quizzes will be announced 3-7 days in advance. Study guides will be provided in Schoology.

    Scores lower than 75 can be raised by completing a retake. The new score cannot be higher than a 75. When a student scores below a 75, it is expected that the student contacts Mr. Cranston to schedule a time to do so. Depending on the situation, students may first need to review the material with Mr. Cranston first. Typical times for review and retakes are during tutorial or HW club.