Carlisle Public Schools - Wellness Committee

  • Carlisle Public Schools has an established Wellness Committee that meets quarterly throughout the school year. The committee consists of faculty, staff, parents, and members of the Carlisle community. Anyone who is interested in participating on this committee or wants to attend a Wellness Committee meeting is welcome. The committee's focus is to discuss student wellness as it relates to physical health, nutrition, mental health, and any other topic that pertains to the wellbeing of students.  Meeting agendas are developed for each meeting and all participants on the committee have the ability to have input into the development of the agenda. If you have any questions about the Wellness Committee or would like to participate on this committee, please contact the Director of Student Support Services at (978) 369-3758.

Upcoming Meeting Info

Archived Records


     Date  Topic  Agenda  Minutes
     June 3, 2021  TBA    
     April 8, 2021  TBA    
     January 14, 2021  TBA    Minutes
     November 5, 2020  Book: Atomic Habits    
     May 28, 2019      
     March 26, 2019      
     January 29, 2019    Agenda  
     October 23, 2018    Agenda  Minutes
     March 27, 2018    Agenda  Minutes
     January 30, 2018    Agenda  Minutes
     October 24, 2017    Agenda  Minutes
     May 30, 2017    Agenda  N/A
     March 28, 2017    Agenda  Minutes
     January 31, 2017    Agenda  Minutes
     October 25, 2016    Agenda  Minutes