• Model UN

    Model UN is offered to students in grades 6-8. Students meet once a week on Mondays during middle school lunch/recess to prepare for our conferences, which are sponsored by the United Nations Association of Greater Boston. Our main conferences occur in the fall at Northeastern University (MSMUN) and in the spring at Worcester State (WMUN), but we also participate in smaller, no-prep and crisis conferences throughout the year as well. During Model UN, students receive a country and topic assignment and then work in teams to do research, prepare an opening statement and to write a position paper for the conferences, which take place on weekends. Delegates learn how to negotiate, debate, and achieve consensus on some of the world's most pressing topics, from climate change to gender inequality with students from across Massachusetts. 

    Contact: Maya Bery

    Email:  mbery@carlisle.k12.ma.us