The Carlisle Public School campus is a six building complex encompassing approximately twelve acres.  The size of the facility totals over 122,000 square feet.  Construction dates of the buildings are as follows,


Brick Building:   1848 (original one room school house)


Highland Building:   1908 (4 main rooms + 2 basement areas) two story wood frame construction built with all local tradesmen at a cost of approximately 8400.00


(Highland is no longer used as a school and was vacated by the school in 1987. It has been leased to the Emerson Umbrella of Concord since 1992.  Emerson Umbrella is a non-profit organization that provides private Studio space for local artists.  They operate and maintain the facility.


Spalding Building:   1956 (currently 9 classrooms Ð K-1) wood frame construction - slab


Wilkins Building:   1963 Grades 6, 7 & 8 Ð Middles school 9 classrooms & main offices Ð brick, block & steel, slab


Robbins Building: 1969 original design of open classrooms. Converted to contained classrooms in the early 80Õs Ð brick, block & steel construction, slab construction contains a school library, A/V room, nurseÕs office, studentÕs services offices and an integrated pre-school classroom. 13 classrooms total, grades 2-4


This building was substantially renovated in 1987-88.


Grant Building:   1987 (known also as the Link building, connecting Robbins and Wilkins.) Contains SPED Resource room, 3 middle school science rooms and two language rooms. (6 rooms total) brick, block & steel construction


Corey Building:   1988 The largest building on campus at 42,000 square feet contains the kitchen, dining room for 250 students, Auditorium seating 387, stage which was designed to hold 75 band members, a music room which seats approximately 70 students.  On the lower level are the exercise room and the gym, along with locker rooms.  Bleachers that pull out seat approximately 150 people. brick, block & steel construction


Grant Building Ð second floor expansion:   1997 Six classrooms constructed, grades 4 & 5 brick, block & steel construction


There are 96 parking spaces in the lower lot, space to park 6 busses in the bus area, and approximately 23 spaces in front of the Spalding in the circle.  Handicap parking is located at the Southwest end of the campus at the Robbins pre-school entrance and the lower level of the gym as well as at the Front door of the Spalding circle.




N Star provides electric service.  Monthly electric bills average 10,000 a month during the school year.


Heating of the buildings is by natural gas provided by Key Span.  During the three peak winter months the heating bill for the complex can run as high as 12,000 each month.


Drinking water is pumped from a deep rock well. Well was drilled in 1969 to 400 feet and currently yields 16 gallons per minute.  Approximately 4000 gallons are stored in tanks in the Wilkins basement for the daily use. The average daily consumption on school days is 4200 gallons.


Wastewater disposal is accomplished by a convention septic system.  The components are a large 12,000-gallon septic tank and a leaching filed under Spalding playing field.  This filed failed on a technical review under the State Title V regulations in 1995.  Plans are currently underway to replace this system with a wastewater treatment facility. Presently in the design phase.  Estimated cost of approximately 1 million.


Telephone service is provided by Verizon with monthly telephone cost of approximately 1200.00 Multiple telephone lines and voice mail system.


Internet access is provided through a contract with MEC. Service via a high speed T-1 phone line.  All classrooms and offices have been wired for the computer network.




Cable service is provided at no cost to the school complex by A T & T Broadband.  All areas throughout the facility have cable access.


The school complex generates approximately 20 yards of trash each week ( two 10 yard containers filled and hauled away by a private contractor)




A modest recycling program is in place and plans currently underway to expand the efforts to white and mixed office paper.





For FY 02 budget expenditures for operations and maintenance in the following areas totaled;


            Custodial salaries                          301K

            Electricity                                       117K

            Gas heat                                           64 K

            Waste disposal                                13 K

            telephone                                         29 K

            Maintenance of buildings           65 K


The total operations and maintenance budget for FY 02 was 674 K.


School maintenance staff is responsible for operation and maintenance and housekeeping of the school complex.  The walkways and lawns are maintained by the school and the parking lot and driveways by the Dept. of Public Works.





The school facilities are used extensively by the community and approximately 20 groups or organizations use the complex during the year.  Custodial fees and facility use fees are charged as applicable in accordance with the Carlisle School School Committee policy.


Major expansion & renovation project in 1987-88.  facility went from 56,000 SF to just over 100,000.  This was a 10 million dollar project.


Numbers of faculty & staff, support staff daily


Numbers of cars arriving , parking or coming & going daily


Numbers of volunteers daily


Numbers of lunches served


Number of deliveries each day


Numbers of students each day


Activities after school on campus, night and weekend


Facility limitations



David R. Flannery

Supervisor of Buildings & grounds


January 8, 2002