Carlisle Public Schools

If a student is absent or tardy, please call 978-369-0261.
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  • Attention all Students Athletes: You and a Parent/Guardian are required to complete all of the necessary concussion training and documentation before participating in any school Athletic activity every year. The training is good for the school year. You can access the concussion training at this Website. Navigate down to the CDC Heads Up to Concussion to access the information and the quiz. You can access our school Athletic website for all information as well as from your coach.

First Week of School 2014 - 2015

Sept. 1 Monday
labor day

Sept. 2 Tuesday
Buzz Deadline

7:50 am School Begins for Grades 5 - 8
8:50 am School Begins for Grades 1 - 4
9:30 am Kindergarten Walk-through
back to school

Sept. 3 Wednesday

8:50 am First Day of School for Kindergarten (1/2 day -- Students released at Noon)
10:00 am Pre-school Student Orientation

7:00 pm Pre-School Parent Orientation

Sept. 4 Thursday

8:45 am First Day of School for Pre-School


Sept. 5 Friday
First Buzz Posted

9:00 am Newcomers' Coffee and Tour

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