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If a student is absent or tardy, please call 978-369-0261.
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What's New?

  • The packet for the October 14 School Committee meeting is here.
  • The October Buzz is here!
  • Please click here to review important information from the school and the District Attorney regarding school attendance.
  • New Website Coming Soon!
    For the past few months we have been working on converting the school website to a new, more colorful, more user friendly version.  The work is nearing completion and we will be going live soon.  We hope that you will like our new site, and we will keep you informed as our go-live date gets closer.
    The PE department will be assessing your child(ren) in their PE classes in October on the four fitness components we’ve been working on in class.  The four components are the mile (endurance. usually conducted on Spalding Field), sit-ups (abdominal strength), push-ups (upper body strength) and sit and reach (flexibility).  Students will be advised of the schedule well in advance.  Please support your child(ren) by encouraging them to eat a healthy breakfast and snack, to maintain hydration and to dress properly in sneakers and comfortable clothing.  Thank you. 



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